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Kwa Kyi | The inspiring story of Kwa Kyi


Kwa Kyi | The inspiring story of Kwa Kyi

Kwa Kyi was born in the village of Plo Mu Der, Karen State. He is an orphan and illiterate. In his life, he had to flee from the fighting all the time. The armed group came to his village often, burned down the village, he fled to one temporary shelter in Thailand when he was around 18 years old. He lived near border and the fighting seemed severity. In 1995 which was the year he decided to live in Mae Ra Ma Luang camp. 


He suffered a landmine injury (left side- below knee) in 1986, when he was around 23 years old near the border. He initially received services in Mae Sot Hospital.  After receiving prosthesis, in 1987 a leader from him community requested him to do a prosthesis training in his area and he received training again at Mae La in 1998. He is a rehabilitation engaged in partner’s workshop, where he has made and repaired over 1,000 prostheses.


“When he lost his leg, he lost his soul”

When he lost his leg, he lost his soul, had no idea how to live without leg. Once he received the opportunity of having prosthesis leg, his new life resumed. He joined work for decades, since 1989, because he would like to cheer up these handicapped people’s spirit and they can reborn. He produced the assistive devices for mental challenge children in order to improve and development their physical and intelligence, in the meantime the children’s parents also are happy.

The project for disables with our partner also assisted his mental retardation daughter can rely on herself now. She can walk and integrates herself into normal school, now attending 2nd grade. He will do this work until he cannot do as he think these people need help and he has skills to help them.

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