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Hundreds of thousands in harm’s way in northern Syria.

The escalation of conflict in northern Syria risks causing more human suffering and adding new displacement to what is already the largest displacement crisis in the world. Over 202,000 people are reported to have been displaced following the start of military operations in north-east Syria, including nearly 80,000 children.  

After eight year of conflict, Syria remains the largest refugee crisis in the world, with 5.6 million Syrian refugees hosted in the region. Over 6.2 million more are displaced inside Syria according to the UN estimates. 

UNHCR has been supporting Syrian refugees and internally displaced people since the beginning of the crisis in 2011, and we continue to provide life-saving protection and assistance to those in need, mostly women and children.

UNHCR continues to operate and plan to scale up its operation. We are responding to the needs of the affected population through the provision of emergency items and community-based protection in camps, collective shelters and host communities, in close coordination with five of UNHCR’s local partners. The needs are likely to rise, but our response for the Syria crisis at regional level is only 35% funded so far. We cannot do this alone. 


Please help today.



"Much more humanitarian aid is needed, and above all, a political settlement to this conflict must be found."

Angelina Jolie, UNHCR Special Envoy


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