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UNHCR and LIFEiS Group organize “LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL - No boundaries for sharing”


UNHCR and LIFEiS Group organize “LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL - No boundaries for sharing” lifestyle event to raise funds to support the response to the current global refugee crisis


UNHCR and LIFEiS Group organize “LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL - No boundaries for sharing” lifestyle event to raise funds to support the response to the current global refugee crisis

The number of people fleeing war, persecution and conflict exceeded 70 million globally last year. This is the highest level that UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has seen in its almost 70 years. Overall growth in displacement continued to exceed the rate at which solutions are being found for people who become displaced and this complex situation requires support from all areas of society.

For the first time in Thailand, UNHCR is partnering with LIFEiS Group, a business enterprise, to organize the lifestyle event “LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL - No boundaries for sharing” to raise funds to support the response to the current global refugee crisis. The event aims to create a fulfilling experience through the contributions of individuals with different interests, who come together to instill creativity, sharing and giving through different generations.

“This year UNHCR has already received a high level of support from various new businesses in Thailand who have raised their voices for refugees,” said Pia Carmela Paguio, Deputy Representative of UNHCR Thailand. “This event sets another outstanding example of how business enterprises in Thailand and young generations can creatively use their expertise to help refugees.”

The event will bring together several Thai leading artists and new generations of fresh talent who will lead a culture of sharing within the community.

“I believe there are many people in every corner of the community who want to make a difference and just need some support to connect with one another,” said Nop Ponchamni, CEO of LIFEiS Group. “I hope this event will be a place for everyone, regardless of age, interest or nationality to enjoy and contribute what they can to provide kindness and compassion to as many people as possible.”

LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL - No boundaries for sharing will be held on 09 and 10 November 2019 at Lido Connect, where attendees will be able to enjoy social activities, a food and flea market, street art, a visual art performance, charity concert and DJ performance and explore an actual Refugee Housing Unit, as well as participate in a range of creative activities.

There will be special art performance by street art talents; Kob Kor Bor Vor (Pongpassakorn Kulthirathum) and NEV3R (Mongkol Rattanapakdee) and special edition tote bags designed by illustrator talents; An Officer Dies (Golf-Thitipoom Phetsangkhat), Benzilla (Benz-Parinya Pichetsiriporn), Happy Pomme Studio (Pomme-Tachamapan Chanchamrassang), Phannapast Taychamaythakool (Yoon) and Rukkit (Rukkit Kuanhawate) available to purchase for a good cause. For every purchase of a LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL tote bag, a stationery set will be distributed to refugee children in Thailand. A charity concert on 10 November will be led by Thai famous singer Nop Ponchamni and his special guests; YKPB, 2 Days Ago Kids and Triumps Kingdom.

During the following weeks from 17 November - 08 December 2019 at Lido Connect, UNHCR, LIFEiS Group and Documentary Club are preparing a line-up of feel good and refugee documentaries and movies for all ages, featuring Lost & Found, a National Geographic Documentary Film from Oscar-winning director Orlando von Einsiedel which provides an in-depth focus into one man’s life mission to reunite separated Rohingya children with their parents in Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh and many more.

Net proceeds from the event will be donated to UNHCR to support refugee families fleeing war, persecution and conflict around the world.

With your help, we can help more families forced to flee and give them hope of a future. 

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Event Schedule:

LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL - No boundaries for sharing at Lido Connect





Sat. 9 Nov

Sun. 10 Nov


22.00 hrs.

Social activities

Food & flea market

Street art for UNHCR

Visual art performance

DJ performance

Live music performance

Refugee Housing Unit

Free Admission

Sun. 10 Nov

14.00 hrs.


19.00 hrs.

Charity Concert

  • Nop Ponchamni
  • P.O.P.
  • Yokee Playboy
  • 2 Days Ago Kids
  • Triumphs Kingdom

Tickets start at 1,600 Baht and 2,100 Baht for VIP zone with a limited edition LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL tote bag


Available at Thai Ticket Major outlets or (limited availability)

Movies and Documentaries schedule at Lido Connect

Sun. 17 Nov

Sun. 24 Nov

Sun. 01 Dec

Sun. 08 Dec

Life is Beautiful, Capernaum, Lost and Found and Midnight Traveler

Movie schedule and tickets will be available at



The first short documentary from THE STANDARD and a special talk by Nakarin “Ken” Wanakijpaibul, Editor-in-chief of THE STANDARD

Details on schedule and registration will be available at  and


Pre-order LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL limited edition souvenirs designed by Thai famous illustrator talents

Sat. 26 November onwards

LIFEiS BEAUTiFUL tote bags


Pre-order at LIFEiS Store in Lazada or


*Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Kindly find the updated version online at Event page: