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Refugee camp visit of Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha and other UNHCR high-profile supporters

Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha and Jakrawut “Van” Sawangpol while visiting refugees women who been through various tragedy before receiving help from UNHCR


Dear UNHCR donor,

Thank you for your generosity to support fellow human beings in need.

As one of the supporters of “NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES” I would like to express my gratitude for your generosity to support the campaign and help refugees with your continued donation. In this occasion, I would like to share with you my experience of visiting Mae La camp in Tak province. During my trip I had the chance to talk to refugees, particularly women, who have suffered a great loss in their lives. I learned that your continued donation allows UNHCR to help these women get back on their feet and stay strong for their families. I would like to emphasize the importance of your continued donation for UNHCR to rebuild the lives of refugees, especially women, children, elderly people and people with disabilities who need special treatments in order to restart their lives in the future. Your contribution also nurtures Thai society which is known for generosity throughout the time.

Please watch the video of my visit to Mae La camp at

Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha
High-Profile supporter of NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES campaign

You can follow the four missions and actively support them with your Namjai (generosity)