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Syria Crisis : FOUR Million Refugees

Innocent Syrian families need your help. Fleeing for their lives, thousands left their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back.

When Syrian children and families finally arrive at a safe place, they are traumatised, scared and vulnerable. We are working around the clock to keep them safe and warm, providing them with shelter, sleeping mats, blankets, food and access to school.

But every day thousands more arrive four million Syrian refugees have now fled the escalating violence in Syria and thousands more are pouring across Syrian borders every day.

Donate Now! for Syria Crisis

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  • Bank Transfer Bangkok Bank, Kor Por Branch
    Account Name UNHCR SPECIAL ACCOUNT                                                                                                   Account Number 201-055599-9                                                                                                                       **Remark: Transfer through ATM, the appearance on screen will show only partial name of the account owner name (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Thank You! After the transfer, please send copy of transfer slip to Email : or Fax 02 280 0555. Donation is not tax-deductible. 

More information, please call 02 665 2523