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Refugee Stories

Basma cannot afford to rent an apartment, so she sublets a room where she lives with her four children on the top floor of an old building in East Amman. The space is poorly insulated and keeping it w... Read More >>
Jung Woo Sung
UNHCR High Profile Supporter Jung Woo-sung travelled to South Sudan and met Samson, a 21-year-old Sudanese refugee in Ajuong Thok camp who is a teacher and dreams of becoming a journalist.  He sh... Read More >>
Nader is a third-generation refugee. His parents fled Palestine as children and he grew up in Damascus, Syria. In 2011, the conflict forced the family to flee. His daughter Aya was 10 when she heard h... Read More >>
Oscar, 10 years old; Oscar and his family fled from Buenaventura, a city on the Pacific Coast of Colombia, a few years ago when a family member was killed by an illegal armed group. They moved to Cali... Read More >>
Hassan Heba
Heba’s husband was kidnapped five times. Her children’s school was bombed. Now safe in Lebanon, they cherish fading memories of home. Read More >>
Sixteen-year-old Muhammad Yaquob, 14-year-old Naeem, and 11-year-old Yazdan were born in Afghanistan. In 2010, after the family was threatened by the Taliban, they fled to Pakistan and took refuge in... Read More >>
On April 18, 2013, I hid with my brother in the back of a Turkish cargo truck filled with car-parts and headed for Germany. We were going there to reunite with our sister who lives in Dusseldorf. I kn... Read More >>
On the 28th October Lesvos witnessed one of its worst tragedy’s yet, when a large wooden boat carrying over 350 people sunk in the Aegean. Nobody is sure how many died that day, but most estimat... Read More >>
Tagwa and Katarzyna in Maastricht, The Netherlands
Katarzyna Kot-Majewska, Junior Protection Officer in South Sudan tells story of Tagwa, a Sudanese refugee: Read More >>
Teacher Su Meh is teaching her students on Karen language for refugee children in the camp.
The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) believes that education is a necessity, not a luxury. We know that by educating children and keeping them in school for as many years as possible, we are providing the to... Read More >>