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Brutal conflict in South Sudan since December 2013 has already forced millions of families to flee their homes.

To add to the hardship, severe underfunding has led to critical food shortages, chronic malnutrition and famine. It is Africa’s largest refugee crisis; and the world’s third largest after Syria and Afghanistan – only with much less attention and chronic levels of underfunding. 5.5 million people across the country are in urgent need of food and humanitarian assistance.

UNHCR has the reach and expertise to tackle this crisis at scale - but we’re lacking 90% of the required funding. We need your help now.

100% of your donation is used for benefit of refugees.

* Your donation is 100% secure and not tax deductible.

UNHCR will spend your donation to response to the emergency appeal. If the funds received exceed the budget requires, your donation will be supported other UNHCR emergency programmes. Donation is not tax-deductible.

Thank you for saving lives of South Sudan children and families.

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