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Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar are currently enduring
another monsoon season in Bangladesh.

The past two weeks marked the most intense monsoon period so far this year, with persistent rain and winds, leading to flooding, landslides and damage to shelters, which heavily affected the refugees’ safety. It have affected over 24,000 refugees and destroyed more than 600 shelters. Children, who made up 55% of the total Rohingya refugee population, are particularly at risk. According to inter-agency reports, there have been almost 200 landslides.

Our teams and refugee volunteers are on the ground relocating families and providing urgent humanitarian assistance.

- We have already temporarily relocated over 2,100 people.
- Distributing pre-positioned emergency supplies to help rebuild, repair and strengthen damaged shelters.
- Mitigate monsoon-related risks, so far, we builded 108 bridges, 29.9 km of drainage and 15.2 km of retaining structures on hillsides.

Within this inter-agency plan, UNHCR’s requirements amount to US$348.5 million and are only 29% funded as of 24 June. More help is urgently required.

Please donate today.


UNHCR will spend your donation to response to the emergency appeal. If the funds received exceed the budget requires, your donation will be supported other UNHCR emergency programmes. Donation is not tax-deductible.

Thank you for saving lives of refugee children and families in Bangladesh.

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