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UNHCR continues to provide lifesaving support to nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees - particularly vulnerable women, children and the elderly - three years after they were forced to flee their homes.

Beginning in August 2017, Rohingya families were threatened by brutal violence. Thousands lost their lives. Sura’s family had no warning about the coming violence. Suddenly, armed forces were in her village, burning shelters. 

‘I saw some of my relatives killed. I fled to save my children”.

UNHCR was there to meet thousands of refugees like Sura. Three years later, we're still ensuring shelter, health care, clean water, education and protection, as well as emergency aid to mitigate the threat of the monsoon torrential rains and winds. Your support helps Rohingya refugees not only survive, but thrive. Your caring generosity means a lot to refugee mothers like Sura.

They have already lost so much but they stand to lose even more. Already facing the looming threat of COVID-19, familes are now scrambling to strengthen their shelters and protect their children against the onslaught of intense monsoon conditions.

Every single donation no matter how large or small really makes a difference to improve the lives of these vulnerable people.

  • We could provide a Rohingya family with wire to repair shelters damaged by the monsoon.
  • We repair damaged pathways, bridges and stairs, to establish or strengthen retaining walls to reduce soil erosion and to clear canal ways in order to reduce flooding.
  • Help equip a young Rohingya student with educational supplies, clothes, and a backpack to attend a local learning centre.
  • Approximately $100 will support the construction of one tube well to provide clean water to refugees.

Please Give Now

Your kind gift will allow us to train more refugees as emergency responders, secure plastic sheets, shelter and sleeping mats, and to relocate those most affected to safer land and more.

Should the funding space for Bangladesh be fully covered in 2019, these contributions will be used for other emergencies.


100% of your donation is used for benefit of refugees.

* Your donation is 100% secure and not tax deductible.

UNHCR will spend your donation to response to the emergency appeal. If the funds received exceed the budget requires, your donation will be supported other UNHCR emergency programmes. Donation is not tax-deductible.

Thank you for saving lives of refugee children and families in Bangladesh.

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