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May 10,2019 | News and Events
UNHCR invites Thai public to step in solidarity with refugees in “2 Billion Kilometres to Safety” Campaign     Read More
May 10,2019 | News and Events
Apr 25,2019 | News and Events
UNHCR reveals Zakat Initiative and continues the second year’s partnerships with Sheikhul Islam Office to support refugees during Ramadan.   Read More
Apr 24,2019 | News and Events
UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi on Sri Lanka’s attacks, and the rising death toll “I received the news on Sunday of the attacks in Sri Lanka with deep shock Read More
Apr 18,2019 | News and Events
UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is working with the Iranian government to assist ongoing efforts to support people affected by the recent unprecedented floods in the country.   Read More
Apr 8,2019 | News and Events
UNHCR and Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha continue the 4th “NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES” campaign with Birthday Charity Concert   Read More
Mar 29,2019 | News and Events
UNHCR aid for Cyclone Idai survivors.   Read More
Mar 28,2019 | News and Events
Eight-year-old Abdulhay has a memory of his father. They are in his yellow taxi, driving through their old neighbourhood in Syria. From the passenger seat, he looks over and smiles at his father. Read More
Mar 19,2019 | News and Events
News comment: UNHCR’s Grandi expresses shock following massacre of innocent worshipers in New Zealand. “It is with great sadness that I have heard the news of the horrific attacks against... Read More
Mar 13,2019 | News and Events
Yemenis’ battle to survive deepens as conflict grinds on Nearly four years of war have left 24.1 million children, women and men in urgent need of food, shelter, medical care and schooling.... Read More