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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: No. RFP/THA/2017/004: Face-to-Face Donors Recruitment and Retention services

DATE: 20 March 2017




Face-to-Face Donors Recruitment and Retention services

CLOSING DATE AND TIME: 28 April 2017 – 23:59 hrs, Thailand Time (GMT+7)




The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on 14 December 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. The agency is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees. It also has a mandate to help stateless people.

Since its creation, the agency has helped tens of millions of people restart their lives. Today, a staff of some 9,700 people in more than 126 countries continue to help more than 65.3 million displaced persons. To help and protect some of the world’s most vulnerable people in so many places and types of environments, UNHCR must purchase goods and services worldwide. For further information on UNHCR, its mandate and operations please see


The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Representation in Thailand, invites qualified service providers to make a firm offer for the establishment of Frame Agreement(s) for the provision of Face-to-Face Donors Recruitment and Retention services referred to hereinafter as “services”.



Terms of Reference (TORS) are detailed in Annex A of this document.


UNHCR may award Frame Agreement(s) with initial duration of 1 year (Phase 1) with possibility of extension for another to 2 years (Phase 2).  The successful bidders will be requested to maintain their quoted price model for the duration of the Frame Agreement(s).  UNHCR reserves the right to make multiple awards if, after considering the additional administrative costs, it is in the UNHCR’s best interest to do so.

The Contractor(s) target is to acquire at least 584 net donors per month during Phase 1 and at least 667 net donors per month during Phase 2. Detailed requirements are in the Financial Offer (Annex B1 and B2).

Please note that figures have been stated in order to enable bidders to have an indication of the projected requirements. It does not represent a commitment that UNHCR will purchase a minimum quantity of services. Quantities may vary and will depend on the actual requirements and funds available regulated by issuance of individual Purchase Orders against the Frame Agreement.

Other United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programmes shall be entitled to the same prices and terms as those contained in the offers of the successful bidders and could form the basis for a Frame Agreement with other UN Agencies.



When a Frame Agreement is awarded, either party can terminate the agreement only upon 90 days (3 months) notice, in writing to the other party.

The initiation of conciliation or arbitral proceedings in accordance with article 18 “settlement of disputes” of the UNHCR General Conditions of Contracts for provision of Services shall not be deemed to be a “cause” for or otherwise to be in itself a termination clause.

It is strongly recommended that this Request for Proposal and its annexes be read thoroughly. Failure to observe the procedures laid out therein may result in disqualification from the evaluation process.

Sub-Contracting: Please take careful note of article 5 of the attached General Terms and Conditions (Annex D).

Note: this document is not construed in any way as an offer to contract with your firm.



2.1.        RFP DOCUMENTS


The following annexes form integral part of this Invitation to Bid:


Annex A:         Terms of Reference (TORs)

Annex B-1:      Financial Offer Form for Recruitment Services

Annex B-2:      Financial Offer Form for Retention Services

Annex C:         Vendor Registration Form

Annex D:         UNHCR General Conditions of Contracts for the Provision of Services – 2010

Annex E:         RFP Checklist Form




We would appreciate your informing us of the receipt of this RFP by return e-mail to as to:

-           Your confirmation of receipt of this invitation to bid

-           Whether or not you will be submitting a bid



Failure to send the above requested information may result in disqualification of your offer from further evaluation.



      Bidders are required to submit any request for clarification or any question in respect of this RFP by e-mail to Pattanoot Pongpanit, Senior Supply Assistant The deadline for receipt of questions is 23:59hrs(Thailand Time) on 7 April 2017.  Bidders are requested to keep all questions concise.



Please note that Bid Submissions are not to be sent to the e-mail address above.

UNHCR will compile the questions received. UNHCR may, at its discretion, copy any reply to a particular question to all other invited bidders at once.


2.4       YOUR OFFER


Your offer shall be prepared in English.

Please submit your offer using the Annexes provided. Offers not conforming to the requested formats may be not taken into consideration.



Inclusion of copies of your offer with any correspondence sent directly to the attention of the responsible buyer or any other UNHCR staff other than the submission e-mail address will result in disqualification of the offer. Please send your bid directly to the address provided in the “Submission of Bid” section 2.6) of this RFP.


Your offer shall comprise the following two sets of documents:


  • Technical offer
  • Financial offer


2.4.1    Content of the TECHNICAL OFFER



No pricing information should be included in the Technical offer. Failure to comply may risk disqualification. The technical offer should contain all information required.


The Terms of Reference (TORs) of the services requested by UNHCR can be found in Annex A.Your technical offer should be concisely presented and structured in the following order to include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following information:


-    Description of the company and the company’s qualifications

A description of your company with the following documents: company profile, registration certificate and last audit reports:

·         Year founded;

·         If multi location company, specify headquarters location;

·         Number of similar and successfully completed projects;

·         Number of similar projects currently underway;

·         Total number of clients;


                   Any information that will facilitate our evaluation of your company’s substantive reliability, financial and managerial capacity to provide the services.


              -    Understanding of the requirements for services, proposed approach, solutions, methodology and outputs

                   Any comments or suggestions on the TOR, as well as your detailed description of the manner in which your company would respond to the TOR:

·         A description of your organization’s capacity to provide the service;

·         A description of your organization’s experience in these services.


-    Proposed personnel to carry out the assignment

                   The composition of the team you propose to provide.

·Curriculum Vitae of core staff.


      For consultancy services: The bidders have to show that they can provide the adequately skilled people to assume the responsibilities and perform the full range of tasks included in the TORs.  No substitutions will be made without prior written consent from UNHCR.  Please note that it is the responsibility of the service provider for the provision of the relevant visa and work permits for the proposed resources.  The company shall guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted for the duration of the contract.  Absences due to an emergency situation need to be approved by UNHCR and a solution agreed so that the on-going project is not adversely affected.


-     Vendor Registration Form: If your company is not already registered with UNHCR, you should complete, sign and submit with your technical proposal the Vendor Registration Form (Annex C).


-     UNHCR General Conditions for Provision of Services: Your technical offer should contain your acknowledgement of the UNHCR General Conditions for Provision of Services by signing Annex D.


2.4.2   Content of the FINANCIAL OFFER


Your separate Financial Offer must contain an overall offer in a single currency, either in US Dollars, Euros or in the currency of your company’s country.

The financial offer must cover all the services to be provided (price “all inclusive”).

The Financial Offer is to be submitted as per the Financial Offer Form (Annex B). Bids that have a different price structure may not be accepted.

UNHCR is exempt from all direct taxes and customs duties. With this regards, price has to be given without VAT.


You are requested to hold your offer valid for90 days from the deadline for submission. UNHCR will make its best effort to select a company within this period. UNHCR’s standard payment terms are within 30 days after satisfactory implementation and receipt of documents in order.


The cost of preparing a bid and of negotiating a contract, including any related travel, is not reimbursable nor can it be included as a direct cost of the assignment.




2.5.1    Supplier Registration:

The qualified supplier(s) will be added to the Vendor Database after investigation of suitability based on the submitted Vendor Registration Form and supporting documents. The investigation involves consideration of several factors such as:

·         Financial standing;

·         Core business;

·         Track record;

·         Contract capacity.

2.5.2      Technical and Financial evaluation:

For the award of this project, UNHCR has established evaluation criteria which govern the selection of offers received. Evaluation is made on a technical and financial basis. The percentage assigned to each component is determined in advance as follows:


The Technical offer will be evaluated using inter alia the following criteria and percentage distribution: 70% from the total score




1. Company Qualifications


2. Proposed Services


3. Project staff





Remark:The Technical offer score will be calculated according to the percentage distribution for the technical and financial offers.


The Financial offer will use the following percentage distribution:30% from the total score.


The maximum number of points will be allotted to the lowest price offer that is opened and compared among those invited firms. All other price offers will receive points in inverse proportion to the lowest price; e.g., [total Price Component] x [US$ lowest] \ [US$ other] = points for other supplier’s Price Component.


            For evaluation purposes only, the offers submitted in currency other than US Dollars will be converted into US Dollars using the United Nations rate of exchange in effect on the date the submissions are due.




The offers must bear your official letter head, clearly identifying your company.

Bids should be submitted by e-mail and all attachments should be in PDF format. (Copies of the PDF format documents may, as an addition, be included in Excel or other formats etc.).

The Technical and Financial offers shall be clearly separated.

Bid must be sent by e-mail ONLY



The technical offer and financial offer are to be sent in separate documents. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.


Deadline: 28 April 2017, 23:59 hrs Thailand Time.



Any bid received after this date or sent to another UNHCR address may be rejected. UNHCR may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of bids, by notifying all prospective bidders simultaneously.


It is your responsibility to verify that all e-mails have been received properly before the deadline. Please be aware of the fact that the e-mail policy employed by UNHCR limits the size of attachments to a maximum of 8 Mb so it may be necessary to send more than one e-mail for the whole submission.


Please indicate in e-mail subject field:

-       RFP/THA/2017/004

-       Name of your firm with the title of the attachment

-       Number of e-mails that are sent (example: 1/3, 2/3, 3/4).


UNHCR will not be responsible for locating or securing any information that is not identified in the bid. Accordingly, to ensure that sufficient information is available, the bidder shall furnish, as part of the bid, any descriptive material such as extracts, descriptions, and other necessary information it deems would enhance the comprehension of its offer.




UNHCR reserves the right to accept the whole or part of your bid.

UNHCR may at its discretion increase or decrease the proposed content when awarding the contract and would not expect a significant variation of the rate submitted. Any such increase or decrease in the contract duration would be negotiated with the successful bidder as part of the finalization of the Purchase Orders for Services.

UNHCR may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of bids, by notifying all prospective suppliers in writing. The extension of the deadline may accompany a modification of the solicitation documents prepared by UNHCR at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective supplier.

Please note that UNHCR is not bound to select any of the firms submitting bids and does not bind itself in any way to select the firm offering the lowest price. Furthermore, the contract will be awarded to the bid considered most responsive to the needs, as well as conforming to UNHCR’s general principles, including economy and efficiency and best value for money.UNHCR may, at its discretion, award the contract to one or more companies for provision of this Services.




Any Purchase Order (PO) issued as a result of this RFP will be made in the currency of the winning offer(s). Payment will be made in accordance to the General Conditions for the Purchase of Services and in the currency in which the PO is issued. Payments shall only be initiated after confirmation of successful completion by UNHCR business owner.




Please note that the General Conditions of Contracts (Annex D) will be strictly adhered to for the purpose of any future contract. The Bidder must confirm the acceptance of these terms and conditions in writing.

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