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Tender Notice

Provision of Face-to-Face Fundraising Services in Thailand

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Thailand, invites qualified service providers to make a firm offer for the establishment of a contract with one or more companies for the provision of one or both of the following Face-to-Face (F2F) fundraising related services:                                                                       

 A) F2F Fundraising Recruitment Services and / or              

 B) F2F Fundraising Retention Services                                   

Complete Tender Documents can be downloaded below

E-mail for inquiries:

Closing date: 27/11/2013 – 23:59 hrs CET


"All correspondence should quote the reference within the subject line. Offers not sent in accordance with instructions or received after the closing of the RFP will not be considered.

Supply staff have no access or knowledge of the offers before the closing. After the closing, the Secretary will open and register the offers in front of witnesses, before forwarding them to the Supply Management Service.

Bidders may not, for any reason, unilaterally amend any term or condition of their offer after the closing of the Invitation to Bid. Offers may only be withdrawn before the closing date. UNHCR reserves the right to accept all or only part of an offer and to make multiple awards. UNHCR will not furnish any information concerning the acceptance or rejection of any offer to any person until a contract has been awarded. An e-mail is sent to successful and unsuccessful bidders after a decision has been taken."

Annex A TOR F2F Thailand.pdf117.46 KB
Annex B1 Financial offer form.xls47 KB
Annex B2 Financial offer form.xls43 KB
Annex C VRF.pdf335.89 KB
Annex D UNHCR Special Conditionsfor Fundraising Activities Octob.pdf103.23 KB
Annex E UNHCR General Terms and Conditions.pdf159.14 KB
RFP 553 - Cover letter.pdf2.1 MB