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Child Protection

Almost half of refugees in Thailand’s camps are children. Many spend their entire childhood without knowing the outside world. Most of them have witnessed or experienced violent acts and have often been separated from their families.
“I don’t have parents any more. My mom was not well and passed away since I was small. My dad was shot dead by a soldier at a farm,” Ta Lah Say, a refugee child in Thailand said.
Children like Ta Lah Say are at a greater risk of disease, neglect, violence, and exploitation. Without the support from adults their psychological and social wellbeing are under threat.In the chaos of conflict and displacement, refugee children can find themselves lost, alone and vulnerable. We urgently need your help to provide the vital humanitarian support and assistance they need. Here are some examples of UNHCR's projects;
  •  Birth RegistrationUNHCR supports Thai government to register ALL children who were born in camps to prevent statelessness and ensure access to other basic rights.
  • Protect children without parents: UNHCR supports the monitoring the well-being of children without parents in camps by supporting social workers, psychologists and staff to take care of them closely and regularly includes child protection program in various activities. 

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