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Where Your Money Goes

 100% of donation from individual donors in Thailand is used for benefit of refugees in Thailand

UNHCR ensures refugees especially children, women, eldery people and people with disabilities, live in the camps in conditions of safety and security. Our work with you donation are following
UNHCR ensures refugees especially children, women, eldery people and people with disabilities, live in the camps in conditions of safety and security. Our work with you donation are following



 Almost half of refugees in Thailand’s camps are children. Many spend their entire childhood without knowing the outside world. Most of them have witnessed or experienced violent acts and have often been separated from their families.
Without the support from adults their psychological and social wellbeing are under threat. In the chaos of conflict and displacement, refugee children can find themselves lost, alone and vulnerable. We urgently need your help to provide the vital humanitarian support and assistance they need. Here are some examples of UNHCR's projects;

  • Birth Registration : UNHCR supports Thai government to register ALL children who were born in camps to prevent statelessness and ensure access to other basic rights.

  • Protect children without parents : UNHCR supports the monitoring the well-being of children without parents in camps by supporting social workers, psychologists and staff to take care of them closely and regularly includes child protection program in various activities.


Wars and conflicts have shattered the lives of millions of families. Many refugee women in Thailand have lost their loved ones, leaving them traumatized and at risk.
There are over 44,000 refugee women in Thailand and desperately need immediate assistance and protection to help them get back on their feet and to take care of their family, often as the only remaining parent.
Women displaced by war and conflict require support today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. That is why your regular support through a monthly donation is so vital, ensuring that vulnerable people such as women in refugee camps in Thailand, receive help for as long as they need it. Here are examples of our projects.

  • UNHCR provides sanitary kits for women and girls, helping to stop the risk of disease and illness through unsanitary conditions.

  • UNHCR helps facilitate “Stop Violence Against Women” program, empowering female refugees to protect themselves against physical and psychological violence.

  • UNHCR helps deliver vocational and agricultural training, ensuring refugee women, especially single mothers, can provide food and security to their families.

Elderly Refugees
Elderly Refugees

During war and conflict, the elderly have difficulty in exile and is the most vulnerable group of people. Many of them remember the brutality of war and the loss. Some of them witness the brutality with theirown eyes and being separated from their families. Most of them spent time in camps for too long, having no hope about future, and unaccompanied.

  • Resettlement: Elderly people are part of 80,000 refugees that UNHCR helped resettled in third countries. Many of them reunited with their family members

  • Agricultural project with special attention is paid to the elderly to empower their capacity.


Refugee With Disabilities
Refugee With Disabilities

Refugees with disabilities fled violence and conflict, the physical affects can be tragic and extreme. The most common causes of disability are landmines, malnutrition, burns and other accidents, injuries related to armed conflict, torture and other severe trauma. Leaving them not only physically disabled, but emotionally traumatised, sometimes to the extent that they are also mentally disabled by their experiences.

UNHCR works with its partners to prevent and protect refugees with disabilities through several activities.

  • Physical rehabilitation and environment improvement to be suitable for disabled people such as walkway and latrines.

  • Self-reliance project which provides training to gain livelihoods skills such as agriculture or fixing equipments and create self-help group.

  • Special classroom projects to help children with disability to gain physical strength and brain development.

  • Orthosis and Prosthesis to regain their hope and rebuild their lives


Please help us provide vital relief to refugee with disabilities today. Donate Now

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