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My Hope, My Dream

Everyone has hope and dream in their life. Each person has his own hope and dream. Living without hope is living without life. When we were young, we always dream of being something or someone when we grow up. Our dreams can be changed when the time pass by.

When I was very young, I really wanted to be a well educated person. I dreamed of becoming a notable person of my community as a person who developed my village. My mother told me that first thing that I had to do to achieve my hope was to study as much as possible. Since then, I had studied hard to full fill my dream.

When I graduated the 4th grade in Myanmar, there was a big fighting in my village. SPDC came to our village and burned down our houses, school and church. They destroyed everything including our animals. Our villagers were chased and captured. Those who were captured would be brutally killed by SPDC.

We had to run into jungle to save our lives. The only friends that we had in the jungle were mosquitoes. We slept under trees and covered our bodies by rain drops. I felt like I was an animal. I was very disappointed. All of my hope and dreams were gone. No matter how hard I tried, I feel I was un-definable, intangible and invisible. I could not even dream to have dream or hope to have hope again.

Unexpectedly, NGOs who were our new friends found us. They provided us protection assistance in a refugee camp. I felt I was a bird that had stronger wings and ready to fly again. However I could not freely fly because I and other villagers were kept in a big cage. If we try to fly out of the cage, we will be trapped because the host country does not allow us to.

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to continue my study again in camp after having been living there for two years. It was the first time that I could start to dream and hope again. I could feel my life again. After completing the 10th grade, I had a great opportunity to continue my eduction at higher level outside camp.

I have shared all my knowledge that I had received from outside camp to my younger villagers in my camp for two years. Then I have realized that young generation and old generation of people in camp should work together to develop our community in camp via sharing their experience, their hopes and their dreams.

I have participated and worked closely with our camp leaders to help my people as I always dream of. I just want to be a valuable person for my community wherever I am.

This is one of my dreams and hopes that I want to share with you.

Saw Eh Gay Moo
Ban Don Yang camp