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Naw Hser Hser : Waiting patiently

Naw Hser Hser : Waiting patiently

The story of Naw Hser Hser (not real name)’s family is not different from many other refugees living in camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. Their village was attacked, men were taken to become porters to carry food and supply for the soldiers, villagers were wounded and many were killed. They lived and walked through the jungle until they reached the refugee camps which provide a safe environment; schools, water, and clinics. Most importantly, living in the camp gives them hope which any human being deserves after having gone through such a cruel and heartbreaking experience.

“I have five children; 18, 15, 13, 10 and 2 years old. They all are studying. We fled to Thailand 11 years ago. Our family came on our own. During that time I had three children.”

Naw Hser Hser hopes for a better education for her children and a good job of her own. She does not want to live in a refugee camp for the rest of her life. Naw Hser Hser and her husband applied for resettlement every time there was opportunity.

Her husband said he is a Baptist pastor. He studied the bible during the time he lived in Mae Kong Ka, a former refugee camp. When he finished studying, he decided to set up a church to lift up the spirit of camp residents and to organise religious ceremonies.

“If Karen state is safe, my children can go to school, I prefer to take them back there. But our hope is dim. If we go to a third country, our children can have higher education and the opportunity to have a good job.” Naw Hser Hser told us these were the reasons why they applied for resettlement.

“As for me, if I’m there, I can do anything. I studied till grade four and my husband is a pastor, he should be able to find a job”.

Naw Hser Hser said that they had done the first interview with the US. They are waiting when they will hear about the next steps; a second interview or medical check-ups. If they are not accepted this year, they are not discouraged because as she is 37 years old and her husband is 41 years old with they hope many years before them.

“If we are not accepted this year, next year another country may open for applications. Every refugee who applies, they all do it for their children”. Naw Hser Hser concluded on behalf of every mother in all of the refugee camps in Thailand.