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Lu Cea : A dream of a new home for two disabled children

Lu Cea : A dream of a new home for two disabled children

A 45 year old mom, Lu Cea had 13 children but only nine have survived. Among them, one boy and one girl have become disabled because they had a high fever when they were young.

Kyaw Ti Noon, her 27 year old second son does not look like a healthy 27 year old man. He is very skinny with a feeble left arm and a limp. His brain does not function properly and during our conversation with his mom he raised his voice without any real meaning, instead only to join the discussion.

Lu Cea said when Kyaw Ti Noon was young, he was healthy just like other kids. At seven, he had a high fever and went into shock. When he became conscious again, his arms and legs were weak and he remains disabled to this day.

Her family lived safely in Myanmar until 15 years ago when soldiers attacked their village; seizing food, recruiting villagers for labour and hurting women. With other villagers Lu Cea fled to Thailand.

“When we were in the jungle, my children were not well and we didn’t have medicine. We decided to walk with other relatives. I was so afraid because we walked four days and nights until we reached the Thai border.”

“My second son was ten years old then. He couldn’t walk so his dad carried him along the way. We were afraid we couldn’t flee fast enough” Lu Cea recollected with a painful expression.

Living in a refugee camp, Lu Cea’s children can go to school, her second son has medicine and access to physical therapy. However, a few years ago, Lu Cea faced another trauma when her youngest daughter became disabled and could not walk.

Eh Gay Pah is a three year old girl. She was only nine months when she had high fever, vomited and became unconscious for ten days. When she awoke, she could not walk at all.

Even though there are medical services in the camp, Lu Cea hopes that the services in a third country will be advanced and may help her children to lead more normal lives. When the US opened for resettlement, she was determined to apply to start a new life.

Lu Cea said her family passed the interviews, medical check-ups and received confirmation that they are accepted to resettle in America. They merely wait for the departure date.

“My concern is my eldest son who is studying to become a pastor. He hasn’t applied for refugee status so he can’t go with us. I am worried about him but I think he will have his chance and we will wait for him over there.”

“I am determined to go to third country because I want my kids to go to school and the other two kids to have treatment and get well. I heard that their medical services is good for disabled people. I still don’t know what to do when I’m there. Whatever job that I can do, I will try my best. When I was accepted they said the luggage for one person must not weigh more than 20 kilos. All of our luggage combined might not reach the limit.” Lu Cea smiles brightly and holds her youngest daughter to her closely.