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Corporate/Foundation Partnership




Today, there are more than 65 million displaced people worldwide as a result of conflict and persecution. This is close to the entire population of Thailand.  Their protection is central to UNHCR’s humanitarian action, which includes the fulfilment of urgent and basic needs, and the effective participation of affected populations, utilizing their capacities and supporting` the communities in which they live.  The support and commitment from corporates, foundations and individuals can offer hope, safety and dignity to millions. By working together, we can help them to build better and brighter future.

Collaborating with UNHCR provides businesses with branding, marketing and growth opportunities. Joint initiatives can also instil pride and loyalty among employees, as well as trust and credibility in customers and decision-makers. Benefits include positioning the company as a social actor, building an international profile, understanding new and emerging markets, identifying local and international partners and, in some cases, co-developing new products and solutions.


Partner Stories

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