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Jun 18,2020 | News and Events
1 per cent of humanity displaced: UNHCR Global Trends report   Read More
May 31,2020 | News and Events
UNHCR welcomes Japan’s contribution to support forcibly displaced persons in Thailand amid COVID-19 outbreak Read More
May 21,2020 | News and Events
Public health response in Rohingya refugee settlements on alert as first coronavirus case confirmed   Read More
May 13,2020 | News and Events
‘The pandemic has stressed production and transportation in unprecedented ways’ Read More
May 4,2020 | News and Events
  UNHCR continues partnerships with Sheikhul Islam Office during Ramadan for the third year in Thailand amid COVID-19 crisis Read More
Apr 22,2020 | News and Events
Drawing on Ebola lessons to protect Tanzania camps from coronavirus Public health off Read More
Apr 9,2020 | News and Events
Syrian refugees adapt to life under coronavirus lockdown in Jordan camps Read More
Apr 1,2020 | News and Events
Nine years of conflict weigh heavily on Syrian refugee girl   Read More
Mar 31,2020 | News and Events
UNHCR: Staying and delivering for refugees amid COVID-19 crisis   Read More
Mar 25,2020 | News and Events
UNHCR’s airlift with vital medical aid lands in Iran.   Read More
Mar 24,2020 | News and Events
  UNHCR renews commitment to support forcibly displaced and stateless persons during COVID-19 pandemic   Read More