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UNHCR's official fundraising channels



UNHCR has been informed of an individual impersonating a UNHCR fundraiser in Bangkok. Because your support is so valuable to us, we would like to inform you of our official fundraising channels:

  • Face to Face: You can make donation with UNHCR fundraisers in public locations across Thailand. UNHCR fundraisers will always wear branded uniform, and have official ID cards. To find out more about our face-to-face fundraising team, please visit:
  • Online: You can make a donation through our secure website. To do so, please visit:
  • Telephone: Our tele-fundraising team is ready to provide support to those who are interested in donating to UNHCR over the phone. For more information about the team, please visit
  • Direct Response Television (DRTV): You can make a donation by dialing phone number that be shown on TV Spot or send SMS by typing 30 and send to 4642789. Our tele-fundraising team will contact you and provide the support over the phone. For more information, please visit
  • Corporate partners: Companies that would like to support UNHCR can securely donate via cheque. For more information, please contact:  
    02 288 2880

If you believe an individual is impersonating a UNHCR fundraiser please contact us at

Your donation supports refugees and displaced persons, many of whom are children and women. UNHCR highly appreciates your support of our work.