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Important Notice: Fraudulent information regarding UNHCR’s activities in Thailand


Important Notice: Fraudulent information regarding UNHCR’s activities in Thailand

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has become aware of false information being circulated about our activities in Thailand.

Please be informed that in Thailand, UNHCR’s primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees and stateless people, and to pursue solutions on their behalf. We have been present in Thailand since 1975. At present, Thailand continues to host some 97,000 refugees from Myanmar in the nine Royal Thai Government (RTG) run Temporary Shelters on the Thai/Myanmar border, in addition to some 5,000 urban refugees and asylum seekers from over 40 countries, and less than 479,000 persons registered by the RTG as stateless. More information about our operation can be found here:

Since 2008, UNHCR has conducted public fundraising activities with individual and corporate donors. Information about our official fundraising channels can be found here:

Any activities excluded from the details on our official website are false and we therefore advise the public to beware of anyone requesting them to share sensitive information or to make a donation. Please also note that all of UNHCR’s services are free of charge.

UNHCR Thailand strongly cautions against the spreading of misinformation. We also request members of the public to contact the UNHCR office in Thailand should they come across any information which they suspect to be false. Doing so helps to ensure the integrity of our programmes, designed and implemented to support the most vulnerable. Email: