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Serenity in Chaos" Story exhibition by Wannasingh Prasertkul


UNHCR continues 4th NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES campaign with 
“Serenity in Chaos: Story Exhibition by Wannasingh Prasertkul” to raise funds for refugees.


The number of displaced people forced to flee their homes due to conflict, war and persecution has reached a new high of 68.5 million globally, equivalent to the population of Thailand. The crisis is continuously growing, resulting in the highest levels of displacement on record.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency in Thailand and Wannasingh Prasertkul, a well-known documentary filmmaker and UNHCR High Profile Supporter, organize “Serenity in Chaos: Story Exhibition by Wannasingh Prasertkul” to encourage generosity and support to the lives of millions of refugees worldwide under the 4th “NAMJAI (Generosity) FOR REFUGEES” campaign, following the Documentary and Story Telling workshop by Wannasingh Prasertkul held in January 2019.

According to latest UNHCR statistics, one person is newly displaced every two seconds as a result of conflict or persecution around the world. The majority have been driven from their homes by war and conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan and South Sudan including Rohingya who were forced to flee to Bangladesh. This complex situation requires support from all sectors to provide durable solutions and reduce the risk of future displacement.

“An unprecedented 68.5 million people around the world have been forced to flee from their homes and this figure continues to increase, especially during the last five years.” said Arunee Achakulwisut, Associate Private Sector Partnerships Officer, UNHCR Thailand. “However, every crisis creates opportunities. We have seen people from around the world stand with refugees in their own way including Thai celebrities and influential people who lead “NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES” to mobilize support for refugees, especially children and women.”

Refugees are often required to embark on long and dangerous journeys before reaching the first point of safety and many need to spend another 17 – 20 years on average in another country until a durable solution is found.

“I have experienced some tough journeys all over the world, but they are nothing compared to the plight of refugees who often need to make extraordinary efforts to survive,” said Wannasingh Prasertkul, UNHCR High Profile Supporter. “I have witnessed people living with the sounds of gunshots and bombs in war zones. But the courage of these people that strive to survive these horrors awakens my soul and makes me realize the beauty, humanity, serenity, pain and happiness behind the conflicts.”

Serenity in Chaos: Story Exhibition by Wannasingh Prasertkul is the first solo exhibition following a decade of global travel by Wannasingh. The story exhibition highlights his memories and stories from 71 countries around the world reflect HUMAN, NATURE, CIVILIZATION and WAR. The exhibition will be on displayed from 21 May to 2 June 2019 at the 1st Floor Hall, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Net proceeds from the purchase of exhibition photos and souvenirs will go directly to UNHCR to support to the lives of refugees around the world. The Refugee Housing Unit will also be on displayed at the event.

“Travelling the world taught me about life and equality. I understood the real definition of refugees when I travelled. I hope that my photos will pass on this beautiful message and inspire you to share it with others like they inspired me,” – Wannasingh Prasertkul.

The “NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES” campaign was developed based on the hospitality of Thai people for all people beyond race, nationality and religion. Since 2015, the campaign has been supported by many Thai public figures such as Saharat Sangkapricha, the famous singer and Nirut Sirichanya, the legendary actor through initiatives such as:

  • “Kong Saharat & Friends: The Birthday Charity Concert for UNHCR” in May 2019;
  • Nirut Talk for UNHCR: Nirut’s Story, a live talk by Nirut Sirichanya, a legendary actor hosted in October 2018.

You can also be a part of NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES campaign by making a regular donation via or calling +66 2206 2144.

NAMJAI has no limit to its sharing with those in need. Join the family of UNHCR and help meet the most basic survival needs of millions of refugees.



“NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES” won the Asia-Pacific Communications Award 2016 under the category of “Campaign by Non-Profit Organization”.



For more information, please contact:

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