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Invitation to UNHCR Photo Exhibition “Nowhere People: the World’s Stateless” during 5th-10th June 2012 at Central World

an exhibition of photos “Nowhere People: the World’s Stateless” by Greg Constantine


Do you know who is a stateless person?

Do you know how UNHCR protects stateless persons?

You are cordially invited to find out the answers at an exhibition of photos “Nowhere People: the World’s Stateless” by UNHCR in an effort to raise awareness on statelessness as well as the importance of preventing and reducing it in Thailand and elsewhere in the world.

The photo exhibition will be held in Central World, Eden Zone (3rd Floor) on 5th-10th June 2012 at  10.00-21.00 hours.

Statelessness affects millions of people worldwide. It has detrimental impact on the lives of affected individuals because nationality is essential for every person’s full participation in society and nationality is a prerequisite for the enjoyment of the full range of human rights. While human rights are generally to be enjoyed by everyone, stateless people are almost invariably unable to exercise their basic rights: they are often unable to obtain identity documents; consequently, they are denied access to education, health and social services or blocked from obtaining legal employment and worse, may end up in detention for not being able to prove their identity.

Given the worldwide extent of statelessness, over 190 countries in the United Nations General Assembly accorded UNHCR the mandate to prevent and reduce statelessness around the world, as well as to protect the rights of stateless people.

We would be greatly honored to have your presence in these events and would like to thank you very much in advance for your kind consideration.

UNHCR Thailand