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Nansen Refugee Award: Call for nominations for 2013

Nansen Refugee Award: Call for nominations for 2013


As you know, on 1 October 2012, UNHCR honoured this year’s Nansen Refugee Award laureate, Ms. Hawa Aden Mohamed of Somalia, who has worked tirelessly over several decades to create a space for displaced women and girls through community education, peacebuilding and development projects.

We would like to inform you that nominations for next year’s Nansen Refugee Award are now open. To download a nominations form please visit:

Kindly note that the deadline to submit your nominations is 25 January 2013.

If you have a candidate in mind, we strongly encourage you to submit your nomination as soon as possible. 

For questions regarding the nominations process, please email the Nansen Refugee Award Secretariat at

History of Nansen Refugee Award