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The exhibition of photos “Nowhere People: the World’s Stateless” and the launch of a Handbook entitled “Thai Citizenship through Section 23 of the Nationality Act” at Central World 5-10 June 2012

An exhibition of photos “Nowhere People: the World’s Stateless” by Greg Constantine


5 June 2012 - The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC) and  the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) joined hands in organizing the launch of a Handbook entitled “Thai Citizenship through Section 23 of the Nationality Act” and the opening of an exhibition of photos “Nowhere People: the World’s Stateless” at  Central World, Eden Zone (3rd Floor) at 13.30-16.00 hours.

This event occurs in an effort to raise awareness on statelessness as well as the importance of preventing and reducing it in Thailand and elsewhere in the world.

"There are a half million of Stateless persons in Thailand but no one knows. They do not receive the basic rights. Even for an education, it is very hard for them to have. They need help.” Khun Dunnapar Tilakamonkul, Associate UNHCR Protection Officer (Statelessness) said in the event.

Many visitors have joined the event for examples, representative of embassies, Thailand’s NationalHuman Rights Commission, Sub-committee on Legal Status of Stateless Persons, Displaced Thais, Migrants and Indigenous People, Thai PBS, Channel 9, students, UNHCR donors, and the public.

"I’m more confident and feel very proud after receiving my Thai citizenship. I take every opportunity to tell anyone who will listen about my experience and what I had to go through to get it. I want to tell other stateless people out there that it wasn’t easy but definitely worth it. To live and to belong in a country who accepts you as their citizens makes you feel complete as a person, as a human being. Citizenship is the door to many other rights and opportunities. It allows us to stand as equals in society." said Muda, a girl who used to be a stateless, with the passing of the fourth Nationality Act on 28 February 2008, she is now a Thai citizen.

ศ.อมรา พงศาพิชญ์ คณะกรรมการสิทธิมนุษยชนแห่งชาติ กล่าวเปิดงาน

Prof. Amara Phongsapich,C

hair of Thailand’s National Human Rights Commission


The organizers (UNHCR and NRC) and honored visitors 

Thai visitor paid high attention to story of Stateless people around the world


Visitors at the event

UNHCR Refugees Stateless

Raffaella Massara, a representative from Swiss Embassy said "The photos are beautiful and tell sad but great stories. I hope everyone to visit."

Khun Namrin Anukul, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said" This is a proof that Stateless people are exist and it is an international problem. The exhibition is very important and informative to Thai people. Once we know then we can help."

The students took photos of one of the greatest photos in the event; an old Korean man who lives with his wife outside his country and both of them are stateless.

The photo exhibition will be held at Central World, Eden Zone (3rd Floor) on 5th-10th June 2012 at 10.00-21.00 hours.