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UNHCR scales up “Namjai for Refugees” with Thai Celebrities to support refugees in reaching their full potential



UNHCR scales up “Namjai for Refugees” with Thai Celebrities to support refugees in reaching their full potential



Bangkok, 13 July 2017 – Building on last year’s success, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) brings back the “Namjai for Refugees” Campaign led by singer Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha, together with top celebrities, to showcase their hidden talents in order to mobilise support for refugees living in Thailand. 


Refugees have been living in Thailand for over 30 years, and their potential has been confined to the camps. “Namjai for Refugees” campaign will showcase the hidden talent of Thailand’s top celebrities to raise funds for UNHCR to provide support to refugees, especially the most vulnerable such as women and children.


“Refugees live in camps for a long time, it’s essential we support them to promote self-reliance,” UNHCR Representative in Thailand, Ruvendrini Menikdiwela, stated, “it’s encouraging to see some refugees going back home on a voluntary basis; however, while many of them are still in the camps, they need continued support from the Thai people.”


“Namjai for Refugees” will showcase hidden talents of over 10 celebrities through Facebook Live on UNHCR Thailand’s page. The initiative is led by Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha who joined the campaign last year.


“Since I was young, I dreamt of being a singer and musician,” Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha said, “It would be unbearable if I couldn’t fulfil my dreams. Many refugees have talents and dream of becoming a singer, doctor or teacher. I would like to use my skills to mobilise support to help refugees reach their full potential.”


Join us at from mid-July until the end of September, to find out which celebrities will join this campaign, like Kong, to showcase their talents.


To donate for Namjai for Refugees Campaign;

·         Online:

·         Telephone: 02-206-2144

·         SMS: Text 30and send to4642789 (to donate 30 bath per SMS)

There is no limit to Namjai that can be shared to help refugees in Thailand reaching their full potential.


 “Namjai for Refugees” won the Asia-Pacific Communications Award 2016 under the category of ‘Campaign by Non-Profit Organisation’.