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2015 Impact Report of UNHCR response in Refugee Crisis


Continuousdonations re vital for UNHCR to save lives of children and families who fled for their lives, risked everything to get away from danger consequences from war and insurgency. In the year 2015, UNHCR has been rapidly increasing our operations to meet the need for support to refugees fleeing their homes, and this is all because of the long term support.

We have been responding across Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ukraine, Nepal, Burundi, Tanzania, Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, Myanmar and Greece  Using the funds donated by you and donors around the world we have been able to fund UNHCR relief operation which are

  • January 2015: Over 14,000 people cross into western Chad by canoe, fleeing continuing violence in northeast Nigeria. Thanks to your support, UNHCR, working with Chadian authorities, monitors arrivals and helps transport people to Dar Es Salaam camp, where they are given food, shelter, water and access to medical care.
  • February 2015: Nearly 50,000 Central Africans seek refuge in other parts of the country or in nearby Democratic Republic of the Congo. Over 887,000 people have been forcibly displaced by violence in the Central African Republic, in and outside the country. UNHCR and partners distribute emergency humanitarian aid and plan to assist over 460,000 Central African refugees across four countries.
  • March 2015: Heavy shelling in eastern Ukraine disrupts the supply of water and electricity, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian situation. Over 1.1 million people are now displaced inside Ukraine due to conflict. Despite security risks, UNHCR and partners deliver aid to people in need. In March alone, we distribute items like warm blankets to over 12,200 displaced people in eastern Ukraine, to help them cope with winter.
  • April 2015 : A 7.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Nepal on 25 April – reducing homes and critical infrastructure to rubble. Within 24 hours, our staff on the ground delivers emergency supplies including 19,000 tarpaulins (tarps) and 11,000 plastic sheets, to shelter survivors. Two weeks later, another major earthquake hits. An estimated 2.8 million people are left living in the open in need of protection, as the overall death toll rises to over 8,700.
  • May 2015: Pre-election violence in Burundi forces tens of thousands of people, mainly women and children, to seek refuge in nearby Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. UNHCR helps relocate refugees to safety, including over 10,000 Burundians stranded on Tanzania’s Kagunga Island, who are transferred to Nyarugusu refugee camp.
  • June 2015: UNHCR marks World Refugee Day against a backdrop of worsening global crisis, including heavy fighting and food shortages in South Sudan, which force 100,000 people to flee. One in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum. Over 60 million people worldwide have been forced to leave their homes – equivalent to nearly the entire population of Italy. Outgoing UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres warns of the difficulty of meeting the “spiraling needs of such a massive population of victims”.
  • July 2015: The number of refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria surpasses four million, of whom half are children. This makes it the world’s single largest refugee crisis under UNHCR’s mandate for almost a quarter of a century. Life for Syrians refugees is increasingly tough. In Lebanon, 55% of refugees live in sub-standard shelters. Despite receiving only a quarter of the funds needed for the Syria refugee situation in 2015, UNHCR and partners continue to respond to mounting needs, providing better shelter to over 122,000 refugees in Lebanon in the first six months of 2015 alone, because of you.
  • August 2015: Cyclone Komen sweeps past western Myanmar, causing major flooding and forcing 1.6 million people to leave their homes. Some 800,000 acres of farmland are destroyed. In coordination with local authorities, UNHCR and partners help assess the damage, identify needs and quickly distribute emergency relief items – including tarps, sleeping mats, and cooking utensils.
  • September 2015: As of early September, over 300,000 people had risked their lives crossing to Europe by sea in 2015, seeking safety. Over 2,600 do not survive the dangerous trip, including three-year-old Aylan, whose picture stirs the hearts of the world. In the first 30 days of UNHCR’s response to the crisis, you help us provide protection and distribute over 32,400 sleeping mats, 26,400 blankets and 6,890 sleeping bags. In countries where refugees start their journeys, we provide cash assistance to over 180,000 families helping nearly a million vulnerable refugees.
  • October 2015: UNHCR warns of a looming refugee crisis as thousands of women flee a surge in deadly gang violence in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and parts of Mexico. UNHCR urges countries in Central and North America to establish adequate border capacity, to be able to identify people in need of protection. At the same time, the number of people arriving in Greece by sea hits half a million. To address the situation, UNHCR calls for various measures, including support to countries hosting refugees and the development of legal pathways to seek protection in Europe.
  • November 2015: Every ten minutes, a child is born stateless. Unable to go school, get a job or even open a bank account, children without a nationality face a lifetime of discrimination, denied the rights most citizens enjoy. Their experiences are highlighted in a new UNHCR report on the urgent need to end childhood statelessness, launched on the first anniversary of our campaign to end statelessness by 2024. UNHCR urges all states to take steps to prevent statelessness, including ensuring universal birth registration.
  • December 2015: In tents and makeshift shelters across Europe and the Middle East, thousands of refugees desperately try to keep warm, as winter storms approach. Astaggering one million refugees and migrants have now fled to Europe in 2015. In the Middle East, with the Syrian conflict in its fifth year, thousands of families face yet another winter under a tent. On the ground, UNHCR delivers essential winter supplies including blankets and stoves to over 345,000 Syrian refugees in the region and a further 240,000 Syrians displaced inside their country – all thanks to your support.

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