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Behind the inspiration of special song from Kong-Van


The Beginning

It started when Kong invited me to join UNHCR’s NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES campaign. I said “Yes” right away as a Thai I believe in helping others. I decided to visitMae La refugee camp in Tak province to learn about refugees and keep to experience to compose my song for the campaign. Our special song called “Thank you from the hills from the hearts”      


The Composing

My Mae La refugee camp visit with UNHCR was a precious experience and a handful of inspiration.Kong and Istarted composing everything into our song rightaway. What captured our thoughts of refugees are not their depression or desperationbut the smile on their faces which represent their gratitude very well.  Therefore there smiles and gratitude became the core message of our special song for refugees

The Gratitude


Several months have passed and our song was finally completed, UNHCR invited Kong and I to present at NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES showcase event which held for thanking you UNHCR donors who have contributed to help refugees  on 30 July 2016. At the event, UNHCR surprised us by opening a special music video of our song.The music video completed with the ending with refugee children sing our song which is not their language. The moment that I heard it, I felt the true meaning for gratitude and appreciation.