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Namjai for Refugees | 2018 : Vickteerut X UNHCR 3 Miti news

Namjai for Refugees | 2018 : Vickteerut X UNHCR 3 Miti news

“NAMJAI (Generosity) FOR REFUGEES” fundraising campaign led by Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha, together with other top celebrities to raise funds to support the current global refugee crisis. Committing to give via credit card or buying merchandise from the campaign’s private partners will enable UNHCR to meet the basic needs of refugees such as clean water, clothing, temporary shelter and health services, especially to the most vulnerable groups such as women and children. 

Donate to the NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES campaign:

  • Online:
  • Telephone: 02-206-2144
  • SMS: Text 30 and send to 4642789 (to donate THB 30 per SMS)

In addition, the “NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES” campaign can also be supported by purchasing limited edition shirts from the VICKTEERUT brand in stores and online.