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Please Help Protect Refugees and Statelessness in Thailand

Today, Refugees in Thailand face an uncertain future. Nearly 100,000 refugees have been forced to flee from conflict and persecution, living in nine camps along the Thai-Myanmar border for almost 30 years. Moreover, UNHCR is also working in northern Thailand to help stateless people who are often denied basic rights because they are not considered nationals any state under operation of its law.

COVID-19 is impacting everyone in Thailand, including refugees. Although they are subject to the same risk of contracting and transmitting the virus as local people, this group can be particularly vulnerable because of the challenges and difficulties involved in meeting basic needs and obtaining medical support, including access to information about COVID-19 and obtaining hygiene items.

For refugees in Thailand, rebuilding their lives seems a distant dream and every second brings them hope. They urgently need assistance to support their lives and create a better future. UNHCR is on the ground providing protection and lasting solutions, but we need your help.


Please donate today.

100% of your donation is used for benefit of refugees.

* Your donation is 100% secure and not tax deductible.

Your monthly donation could help provide

555 per month
to support child protection, birth registration to all newborn refugees, physical rehabilitation and COVID-19 prevention programs.
750 per month
 to protect stateless people, support UNHCR to prevent and end statelessness.

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