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Please Help Protect Refugees in Thailand

Refugees in Thailand are today in uncertain situation. Nearly 110,000 refugees were forced to flee from armed conflicts and living in nine camps in four provinces along the Thai-Myanmar borders for almost 30 years.

Most are children, women and people with disabilities. Rebuilding lives seems to be very distant and every second means giving hope to their lives. They urgently need assistance to support their lives and create a better future. UNHCR is on the ground providing protection and lasting solutions but we need your help.

Your monthly donation could help provide

500 per month
to support projects for “Children” with the monitoring the well-being of children without parents in camps by supporting social workers, psychologists and staff to take care of them closely and regularly includes child protection program in various activities. We also help ensure all new born refugee babies are registered at birth ensuring they are legally recognized as in need of assistance.
700 per month
to support projects for “People with Disabilities” with physical rehabilitation center, self-reliance projects and orthosis and prosthesis to regain hope and enable them to have a safe and healthy lif

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