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This Ramadan, be the light that shows refugees the way forward.

Refugees have undergone major displacement from their homes and livelihoods and now their journey revolves around going back to a time when things were better. The better times. The best of times.

This feeling of the best of times is particularly important during the holy month of Ramadan. Refugee families are clinging on to those bittersweet memories. Longing for a time when it was better. When they had a family, a home, a life.

They used to arrive home to their families ready and waiting for them at the Iftar table during Ramadan. Many of them are breaking their fasts in the camp without their loved ones.

Through the act of giving during Ramadan, you can help refugees look forward again.

Please give generously this Ramadan.
Also, you can donate you Zakat for refugees at


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