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Donate your gifts with Kong Saharat on his birthday to support and deliver basic needs
to refugee families around the world

The world’s forcibly displaced population remains at a record high, with war, conflict and persecution increasing the number of displaced people to 68.5 million individuals — as many as the entire population of Thailand. More innovative and comprehensive approaches are required to address this situation.

The global population of forcibly displaced people has remained at a record high. The current needs of refugees far outweigh the available resource. Making a commitment to donating to ‘NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES’ to enable UNHCR to deliver essential services to meet the basic needs of refugee families: shelter, clean water, clothing and health services.

  • Water: Provide water and sanitation services to millions of people in camps, outside of camps and in urban settings.
  • Clothing: Provides Core Relief Items kits include essential household items.
  • Shelter: Provide a family tents or materials to make a simple shelter to protect refugee families and shelter them from harsh weathers.
  • Health Service: Providing a health service for refugee’s family who forced to flee is a major priority. We work closely with partners to provide health service support to refugees around the world.

Please donate today.


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