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People forced to flee from violence and fighting in Myanmar need your help.

Some 61,000 people have been internally displaced since the start of February. Thousands more are fleeing across borders into neighbouring countries. The fighting is causing death, displacement, and disruption to critical services like healthcare and telecommunications networks.

Families are fleeing to safety with nothing.

We need your help now

UNHCR’s emergency teams are working around the clock to provide life-saving assistance and to protect those forced to flee their homes both in the country and in neighbouring countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Working together with our partners and local communities, we are:

  • Distributing core relief items like mosquito nets, soap and sleeping mats
  • Providing critical shelter materials such as tents, tarpaulins and bamboo poles to give people a safe place to sleep

We are assisting as many people as possible, but we must do more. In addition to the immediate suffering from the latest bout of violence, this crisis may have longer-term impacts for the over one million refugees from Myanmar already in exile hoping to return to their homeland.

We urgently need to scale up our supplies so that we are ready to respond as the situation worsens.

Help us now so that we can reach families in need.

Please donate today

100% of your donation is used for benefit of refugees.

* Your donation is 100% secure and not tax deductible.

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