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UNHCR is responding in the aftermath of the two explosions that ripped through Beirut on 4 August 2020, killing 178 people and injuring as many as 6,500 others. Dozens more people remain missing and the death toll continues to rise as search and rescue operations go on.

More than 300,000 people are now displaced from their homes amid a severe economic crisis that had pushed many Lebanese and refugees deeper into poverty and an already overwhelmed health system caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

Right now, UNHCR is on the ground assessing what shelter is needed, and which areas are most affected. We are getting emergency weatherproofing materials to the worst affected and supporting Beirut to repair and rehabilitate after this tragedy. Many people are dealing with trauma caused by the explosion and need mental health and psychosocial support.

Many have lost loved ones. UNHCR is working with community organizations to provide psychological first aid, help identify the missing, and refer people in need to specialized services, all while delivering aid.

But we need your support.

Please give what you can to help displaced Lebanese families and other affected people to live through this.

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