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Each year, thousands of women die due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The risks are even greater for displaced and refugee women and children living in poverty and unsanitary conditions without access to antenatal or obstetric care. Many of these women have already experienced incredible trauma—forced to flee ongoing conflict and devastation in their homeland, in many cases losing their homes, their husbands and their children. Mother and baby programs means the difference between life and death for expectant mothers.

UNHCR supports the training of skilled birth attendants and provides medical supplies for midwife delivery kits and equipment for delivery rooms. We also supports simple, highly effective, initiatives such as the distribution of Clean Delivery Kits. Containing a plastic sheet, clean blade, soap, string, swaddling and resuscitation instructions, they enable mothers to give birth in a clean environment, reducing the risk of hemorrhage and post-natal infection.

UNHCR works on the ground across the world to ensure that their lives are secured while they cannot return to homeland. We provide core-relief items which allow them to live with dignity. 

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