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Refugee children are in crisis.

Every hour, around 20 children – run for their lives without their parents to protect them. Wars and disasters are causing unimaginable suffering for children

In the conflict and upheaval that forces families to leave their homes, every year hundreds of thousands of children lose their parents to violence or become separated from them on their journey to safety. With no one to care for them, they risk slipping through the cracks.

Like Anna, she doesn't know if her parents are alive or dead. When the fighting reached her village in South Sudan and everyone had to run. Anna lost her parents. She hasn't seen them since.

After a perilous journey through a war zone, where she was at risk of abduction and abuse, she became desperately weak and ill with fever, headaches, and hunger. She was only 12 years old. Like so many child refugees, Anna is traumatized by the death and violence she has seen.

All children deserve to be safe where they live, learn and play. Please don't forget refugee children like Anna. Your monthly gifts will help make a difference for people forced to flee, providing them with emergency supplies like food, clean water, medicine, and shelter. Your monthly gifts will also help provide ongoing support to refugees like Anna, who deserve education and psychological support

More than half of the world's refugees are children. You can make a difference and bring hope to refugees today.

100% of your donation is used for benefit of refugees.

* Your donation is 100% secure and not tax deductible.

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