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The people of Afghanistan are in the grip of one of the world’s worst crises.

The newest wave of conflict – the latest in 40 years – forced over 700,000 people from their homes in 2021. Natural disasters like earthquakes are shattering already devastated communities.

You can help Afghans survive this emergency. 

Many displaced families lack sturdy shelters, basic items such as sleeping mats and blankets, and are in need of cash assistance to buy food and medicine. UNHCR spokesperson Peter Kessler says that “nearly 23 million people—that is 55 percent of the population—are facing extreme levels of hunger, and nearly nine million of them are at risk of famine.”  

Your support is urgently needed.

Your donation can provide people displaced inside Afghanistan with life-saving aid, as well as other emergency support throughout the year for refugees forced to flee to neighbouring countries. Give today to protect these families who so desperately need your help.  

Please donate now.

*Donate via Bank Transfer, Siam Commercial Bank Account Name: UNHCR Special Account Account No. 004-225859-6

Thank you! After completing the transfering of donation, please send your document to LINE ID: @UNHCRDonation
100% of your donation is used for benefit of refugees.

* Your donation is 100% secure and not tax deductible.

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