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Empathy Emergency Fund

Support from donors allow UNHCR to go straight into action.

Give today for tomorrow's emergency


What if the world was less uncertain?

Where making a difference actually felt like a difference was being made?


Donate to UNHCR Emergency Action today to allow us to

be ready. To keep our staff fully trained and prepared to

be deployed within 72 hours, and our warehouses fully

stocked to provide essential assistance at the next

emergency, as soon as it happens.


Together we can be stronger in an uncertain world.

Together we can be prepared. Together we can be more

certain of making a difference.


You can donate via Credit/Debit card, LINE Pay or Bank Transfer:

1. Siam Commercial Bank l Account Name: UNHCR Special Account l Account No. 004-225-8596
2. Kasikornbank l Account Name: UNHCR Special Account  l Account No. 030-288-8043 
3. Krungthai Bank Account Name: UNHCR Special Account  l Account No. 167-019-5740

*After completing the transfer of the donation, please send your payslip to  LINE ID: @unhcrdonation

* Should the funding space for the emergency response in Bangladesh be fully covered, these contributions will be used to support Rohingya refugees throughout the year.

Please act now to ensure these vulnerable refugees are safe. 

100% of your donation is used for benefit of refugees.

* Your donation is 100% secure and not tax deductible.

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