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Johnity and refugees with disabilities are left behind

Johnity is child born with Cerebral Palsy has spent almost his entire life practicing physical therapy. His dream to be as normal person may end soon because UNHCR may not be able to continue its support to physical therapy due to the lack of funding.


Please help refugees like Johnity, who are remain invisible and forgotten. A donation from you can change their lives forever.Johnity Soe, a 10 year old child born with Cerebral Palsy has lived as a refugee for his whole life. His family faced brutality and were forced to flee from persecution in their hometown, then lived in jungle for months until they found safety in Mae La refugee camp in Thailand.

Johnity has spent most of his life receiving physical therapy through the support of UNHCR. Even though the treatment is very difficult, and is at times a huge strain on him physically, he never gives up. He dreams of being like the other children and walking unaided. “Before his arms were so weak, today he is able to hold things,” said Nor Gen Dee, Johnity’s aunt.

They have been living in UNHCR’s refugee camp for almost 20 years.


Two years ago, Johnity’s arms were weak. Today he is 10 years old, and thanks to help from donors like you, Johnity has a much happier life. He has stronger arms and dreams about learning how to walk without support.

With your support, children like Johnity can fulfill their dreams.Unfortunately, due to lack of funds UNHCR is not able to provide physical therapy support to all of the refugees that need it. This means that other children like Johnity may not be able to receive the ongoing treatment that could help them fulfill their dreams. You can help them.

With continued support from people like you, UNHCR is able to provide the vital care that can dramatically change the lives of children like Johnity and the families that care for them. Including Johnity, there are 4,500 refugees with disabilities who urgently need your help. Now living in the Thai-Myanmar border refugee camps, they have fled violence and conflict which has left them not only physically challenged, but emotionally traumatised. A regular donation from you can help change their lives.

With so many other tragedies in the news at this time we must ensure that refugees with disabilities are not forgotten. Please make a monthly donation today and help to improve their lives for the better.

Your ongoing donation can help UNHCR to provide the following:
  • Physical rehabilitation and a suitable and comfortable environment for refugees with disabilities, such as improved walkways and latrines.
  • Self-reliance projects which provide refugees with training to gain sustainable livelihoods skills such as agriculture or fixing equipment.
  • Special classroom projects that help children with disabilities to gain physical strength as well as develop cognitive thinking.
  • Orthosis and prosthesis to regain hope and enable them to have a safe and practical life.

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